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Buy Antiseptic Liquid, ECG Electrode Gel and allied products from Rsons Medikits India.

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About Us

Rsons Medikits India has always been a trusted brand, chosen by customers for maintaining consistent quality in its offerings. Every product ranging from ECG Electrode, Ultra Sound Scanning Gel to Antibacterial Zetaseptic Solution and Antisol H Floor Cleaner and more that we offer, is assured to be in compliance with the WHO GMP standards. We, as a reliable manufacturer, believe in offering fit to purpose products to clients at best prices. Quality does not come with price, is the philosophy we have been working with since our foundation in the year 2004. We have constantly focused on manufacturing our healthcare solutions strictly in line with the industry specification and performance criteria. Multiple examination of the products, both before and after production, results in the delivery of finest and cost effective products to healthcare professionals, doctors and clinicians across the country.

Why Rsons Medikits India?

  • Employees: We have assembled a team of 20 people who have been working with us since the beginning of our journey. With their expertise and hands-on approach to handle every order with perfection, we are able to efficiently complete all orders.
  • Infrastructure: Every order, whether big or small, is successfully completed by us with the support of advanced set-up. Housing necessary machines and instruments, it helps us in maintaining an uninterrupted production of ECG Electrode, Antisol H Floor Cleaner or others.
  • Delivery: Location of our client is never an issue for us as we are backed by some long-standing shipping companies in the industry. Resorting to shortest and safest modes, they help us in reaching to various near and far locations in a short time frame.

Customer Satisfaction

Companies flourish only with the support of a strong customer base. The wider the clientele, the more are the chances of a company gaining recognition and visibility in the competitive marketplace. Every customer, whether big or small, is important to us and their orders are given equal weightage. Right from initialization of the order through production until final packaging is well-managed by our expert personnel to ensure there are no delays in the end.

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